That Little Boat's Going Where?

I take pleasure in reading about crazy folks who do things that take nerve, those with the ability to push conventional thinking aside and take a chance. We only have one life and I believe as long as we don’t hurt others then we have the right to live it however we want. Matt Kent is doing just that. In March, Kent will leave the Canary Islands and attempt to sail cross the Atlantic in a boat just 3ft 6in (1.06m) long. Yes, you read that right. I know this will anger some of our readers who’ll be quick to point out the folly of such a voyage and I’m braced for the usual abuse I will receive from the armchair health and safety brigade who’ll hammer on about rescue and inconvenience to others, and what an irresponsible editor I am for publishing such an item (email: As a lad, I remember the uproar when Sir Francis Chichester announced he would sail around the world singlehanded non-stop (he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his efforts). Those taking part in the first Observer Single Handed Transatlantic Race (Chichester won it) were lambasted by folks who said that a race from east to west was impossible. Famous French voyager Bernard Moitessier came in for Beaucoup d’abus during his watery wanderings as does anyone who sets off to row the Atlantic even today. Fortunately, abuse doesn’t stop them. These folks are bigger than that. My first Atlantic crossing happened to coincide with that of a man who was doing it in a metal barrel … he might well still be out there. I hope Matt Kent arrives safely on the other side. Whichever side that may be, he lived his dream. We’ll keep you up to date. (See page 56.)
— Gary E. Brown, Editor, 'All at Sea'

That's from the Editor's Log of All at Sea Carribean, and draws attention to an article about Undaunted that was published in the January issue. The article can be found below; its author is Robert Beringer, who "holds a 100-ton Master’s license with a sailing Endorsement. His book Water power! a collection of marine short stories is available at"

The full January issue of All at Sea can be downloaded HERE   (The Editor's Log is found on Page 10 of the PDF.)