Where we are at now

For those of you who have been faithfully following us on Facebook, you should have heard by now that our latest attempt at the Atlantic crossing a few weeks ago in December was yet again postponed.  On the day that we were all set to leave the Canaries, we were approached by the Port Authorities with a list of requirements all small personal vessels supposedly had to meet. Of that list the only 2 we were unprepared for and unaware that we needed was having an insurance policy on our boat (of at least 300,000 euros) and, most importantly, a letter from our United States Coastguard indicating that our boat has been cleared for the intended journey. Without meeting these requirements, we were not allowed to leave the docks (for testing or otherwise).

Not knowing nor ever hearing about such requirements before (including during our first launch where we successfully made it off the docks without such a hold up), we had no choice but to call off the trip and return home where we would have better resources to look into our current dilemma. So as of right now, Undaunted is back on the dock packed away and Matt and I are weighing our options in how to play out the rest of this project that we have put so much into. 

We truly appreciate the overwhelming support from all of our followers and hope to update you all as soon as possible once we figure out what we will be doing with our project!